ICOONE, luxurious laser for body and face ultimate treatments

We have great news for you! In addition to the most luxurious locations in the world, the ultimate ICOONE laser for the face and body treatments, has finally arrived in Belgrade. We are happy to share with you that you can now use it and enjoy all the benefits of this powerful laser.

The ultimate TECHNOLOGY in SKIN TREATMENT for BODY and FACE and FOCUSED AREAS. The NEW icoone® LASER is an innovative, non-invasive technology that grants effective facial and body treatments and offers at the same time a relaxing experience. The combined effect of microstimulations with the led and laser light sources action allows delivering specific and focused treatments in adipose areas resistant to diet and exercise, obtaining faster and long-lasting results. Treatments that Icoone provides are:

Body Treatments
Reduction of fat deposits, cellulite, and stretch mark appearance improvement draining, firming, remodeling, blood circulation improvement, tissue regeneration, push-up effect on buttocks, breast lifting.

Tailored Treatments
A combination of different facial and body care programs designed to meet the demanding needs of both men and women of all ages.

Focused treatment for the reduction of cellulite blemishes. It helps smooth the skin, improving
drainage, blood circulation, and harmonizing body shapes, reducing the “orange peel” skin effect.

Thanks to cellular stimulation, this treatment helps to stimulate collagen and
elastin giving your skin an immediate firming effect and making your body slim and toned. It’s especially suitable for toning your skin after weight loss

Treatments enhance the quality and appearance of the skin, promoting tissue oxygenation and skin regeneration. They smooth wrinkles achieving a visibly younger look.

Treatment is designed to oxygenate and revitalize your skin, reduce the double chin, decongest puffy eyes, and plump lips, tone cleavage, firm neck, and lift the breast. For a rejuvenated and glowing aspect

Designed to work on resistant fat deposits such as the waistline and culotte de cheval, this treatment reshapes your entire figure reducing the fat deposits and giving a harmonious appearance.

Designed to boost blood and lymphatic circulation and drain liquids, this treatment helps slim
and reshape your legs by giving an immediate feeling of lightness and well-being.

Icoone is available in most luxury locations worldwide like SHA, Paxton, Clinique Del Mar, Molitor, Clinique La Prairie, and from February at Belgrade in The Beauty Clinic.


Vardarska 9 Beograd
069/676768  069/2020206

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