SALON 1905 winter menu

Salon 1905 has garnered a reputation as one of the finest dining establishments in the region. It has received two consecutive Michelin recommendations, as well as numerous other awards and recognitions. Additionally, Salon 1905 is the first and only member of the JRE Fine Dining Association, which is a testament to its commitment to offering exceptional food and high-quality services.
Exclusively for you, we introduce the magic of the new winter menu by the talented Executive Chef Misha at Salon 1905 – a fine dining restaurant.
Get ready to experience a culinary journey in a high-class manner.

Salon 1905 has a unique and recognizable style of the old Serbian culinary tradition and the rich culinary heritage , which they cherish very much through their stylishly refined recipes in a fine-dining manner, using only fresh and high quality local ingredients. Serbian finest.

Unforgettable dining experience, with their exclusive seven-course set menu is a must-try.

Let us guide you through all seven courses of their winter menu.


A Beef tartare from Golija pasture, with homemade spicy cheese salad, accompanied by a traditional meat jelly “in a sip” served with aged duck meat from Banat. Adding to that a Burek with organic lamb, inspired by local pastry chefs.


White kačamak made from flour of native Osmak corn, stone-milled in a watermill, served with roasted ajvar made from Leskovac peppers.


Popara made from homemade brioche with crispy “uštipak.”

Djuveč with beef hearts, accompanied by pumpkin panacotta and rice popcorn from Kočani.

Bean stew with espuma made from mature domestic kulen from Kate, forest mushrooms, hummus, and parsley.

Sarma made from young beef rib, with jellied essence of sour cabbage, “sudžuk” pepper, and homemade ice cream made from sour cream with roasted poppy seeds.

Ribeye steak from free-range cattle from a local butcher, served with Ivanjica potatoes and celery puree, and garnished with aged garlic.


“Winter tea” made from wild rose hips with raspberry, plum, and pear jam cooked in white wine, accompanied by white chocolate dust.

“Winter toast” with chocolate cream, crispy caramel in chocolate, and quince or apple cooked in homemade plum brandy sauce.


Homemade raspberry liqueur, tartletwith roasted hazelnut cream, Srem dumpling with lemon, and donut with homemade Ranke plum jam.

SALON 1905

Working hours from Monday to Saturday
12 pm – 12 am
The kitchen closes at 11 pm

For all the details and reservation visit

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