Ivan Radojcic, fashion journalist

Ivan Radojcic, a renowned fashion journalist  was our special guest for the intro-People column. We had a photo shoot with him in a super-interesting retro suite of the Indigo Hotel, which perfectly suited his personality. Naturally, we were curious about Ivan’s fashion journey and who had the greatest impact on him. You can find out everything in the exclusive interview below.

When did you realized that clothes is an important role of your identity?

I realized the importance of clothes in shaping my identity when I was in my teens. Experimenting with different styles helped me express myself and feel more confident in who I am and my motto was “the crazier the better”: I dyed my hair blonde, wore tattered t-shirts and giant plaid pants, plus tons of metal jewellery (sometimes repurposing chains from hardware stores as bracelets).
That is also when I discovered second hand stores – every weekend, I would eagerly set out on my treasure hunts, scouring the shelves and racks of these unique vintage stores of that time, like Extreme and Manhattan. Those shops closed long time ago, but I am still very much delighted by the thrill of discovery, uncovering well-worn gems waiting to be brought back to life.

Growing up in Belgrade in the 90’s it was mostly foreign fashion magazines (I spent all the weekly allowance from my parents on the latest issues of Vogue and GQ) and MTV. The influence of 90s MTV on style was nothing short of revolutionary, with its cutting-edge music videos, iconic VJs, and boundary-pushing programming. While the glossy magazines introduced me to amazing designers and legendary photographers, MTV kept me up to date on all the alternative subcultures – the rise of music genres like grunge, britpop, and hip-hop with their distinct fashion aesthetics. I loved the grunge look with the unkempt hair, oversized flannels, and lumberjack boots.


What are your style icons today?

Instagram got us all hooked on constant scrolling through zillion images of very stylish, always impeccably dressed individuals – it is always interesting and inspiring but can be overwhelming and create this pressure of constantly keeping up. So I would say that I look more at what real people wear on the streets – especially when traveling to Rome or Barcelona, my all time fave places. I am always pleasantly surprised with all the effortless coolness which I admire and try to emulate. But if you insist – Ryan Gosling and Jacob Elordi always dress like modern style gods!

Do you think that the nature of your work and the clothes you wear are mutually influential?

As a fashion journalist, I believe there is undoubtedly a reciprocal relationship between the nature of my work and the clothes I wear. My profession requires me to stay ahead of the latest trends, attend fashion events, and interact with industry insiders. Consequently, my clothing choices often reflect the current fashion landscape, allowing me to embody the aesthetic and ethos of the industry I cover.
Conversely, the clothes I wear also influence my work by serving as a form of self-expression and communication. Just as I analyze fashion on a professional level, my personal style serves as a visual representation of my tastes, interests, and identity. Moreover, dressing stylishly enhances my confidence – which is always a good thing.


What’s the favorite piece in your wardrobe?

Oh, that’s a tough one! Never saw a military jacket that I did not instantly love – or a oversize hoodie in plush gray cotton, for that matter… But if I had to choose, I’d say my favorite piece in my wardrobe right now is a navy oxford shirt that I wear so often that the color faded from all the washing and fabric became so soft it is downright priceless in it’s value to me. I wear it on workdays, evenings out and weekends, sometimes even on my way to the beach. When slightly unbuttoned it adds this Mediterranean feel to any outfit which never goes out of style.


Tell me your definition of style

As Sir Hardy Amies famously said: “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.”

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