LOLA, luxury boat in Porto Montenegro

Intro-Ducing met this beauty in Montenegro and tried all her performances while cruising in Boka Bay.

This luxury princess is 10 meters long, 3 meters wide, mostly colored in golden color, and entirely covered with teak, with a modern classic design that gives a taste of the Italian Riviera and dolce vita lifestyle.

It all started as a small family business that is slowly leaving a recognizable signature in luxury management. They are successfully dealing with concierge services for the second season in a row.
There is a large list of services they offer their clients. Besides cruising tours over a beautiful Boka bay and some less known places inside, at the same time, clients can learn a lot about the history of Boka and the landmarks. Their individual tours are completely adapted to a client’s wishes, so, the clients may choose a tour with a photographer and translator or just a transfer.
The boat can be also used as a part of the most romantic gestures, such as a proposal or a wedding, and some other special moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

With the Lola Luxury boat, you can fully experience Boka bay and Montenegro in a more stylishly unique and luxurious way, authentically like the real Bokelje.

Cruising with Luxury LOLA Boat

LOLA is located on Venice square, Porto Montenegro,
Telephone for reservations: +38269316695

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