Where Kitchen meets art! Welcome to Mudra Art Cuisine

The fine-dining concept is not only about the food. It’s about the best quality food, masterfully created, prepared, and decorated with the artistic vision of the Chef.

Besides all that mentioned, including the venue itself with highly professional service, the result is an unforgettable experience on multiple levels.

Mudra Art Cuisine is a maritime fine dining restaurant with predominantly Mediterranean cuisine, located at the beach of HUMA Kotor Bay resort. They are one of the must-visit luxury places if you are in Montenegro Riviera. The restaurant offers their guests a very natural environment, calm, but at the same time, very vivid and dynamic. A landscape made up of the sea, mountains, and Mediterranean greenery is a food for the body and soul.

If you go through their interestingly designed menu, the idea is that the dishes are divided by artistic eras- Baroque, Classicism, Renaissance, Romanticism… Each period contains certain dishes that the Chef (probably) created, inspired by that particular era. Such a great storytelling! If you want to know more about the dish and all the ingredients, you can ask the Chef directly.

The restaurant has a great wine list, as well as, the possibility of pairing wine with food, which is typical for these types of restaurants.

If you want to enjoy a fine dining experience, with the feeling of sea salt in the air, waves hitting the dock, and the scents of Mediterranean herbs, while tasting the dinner and pairing the wine, you will have a small explosion of unforgettable moments at Mudra Art Cuisine.

From Mudra, they tell you that food served on a plate can be a legitimate piece of art.

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