During our trip to Budapest before New Year’s Eve, we were invited to stay at a MYSTERY HOTEL BUDAPEST, a small luxury boutique hotel, and to enjoy all the luxury for three days. The hotel has been awarded five stars for its exceptional service. We had the opportunity to experience the excellent service provided by the hotel and admire its captivating interior, which looks like a movie set. The hotel’s mystical ambiance and its name can be attributed to its history – in the 19th century, the building was owned by the Freemasons who used to meet on the site where the hotel stands today.

The restaurant situated on the fourth floor is very elegant and cozy place with a luxurious interior and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The menu is mostly composed of delicious Hungarian national cuisine. It’s an excellent spot to have lunch, enjoy a cocktail at the bar, or simply relax with friends on the comfortable sofas. I highly recommend this restaurant for its great atmosphere.

The room service I received, including the breakfast on the first morning, was an unforgettable experience, while I enjoyed performing small rituals in the beautiful bathroom and room after waking up. Every detail of the room service was carefully thought out, from the cutlery to my favorite crunchy apple pie, the fresh and fragrant pastry with butter, and the snowman drawn on my coffee.

After enjoying a deliciously prepared breakfast, I received a welcome champagne in my room which I toasted to a successful collaboration and beautiful moments at this luxurious and sophisticated hotel. 

While staying at the MYSTERY HOTEL BUDAPEST, I had the chance to meet the general manager, Aniko Horvath, and conduct an exclusive interview with her. Through her responses, she provided insight into the hotel’s operations and history, which is a crucial component of the hotel’s story.

-“It’s not often that we see a woman leading a highly ranked 5-star hotel in the capital. What challenges do you face in your work, and what is your opinion on women’s skills in top-level businesses?”

I believe women in general are great leaders based on their nature. We can sense the atmosphere and the vibes of people on an instinctive level. Generally, we are working to create harmony around us. This is how I work as well. My role as GM is to help my talented team to be the greatest in their field. I am working day by day to provide the highest service to our customers but that can only happen when our team is dedicated, motivated, and feel well at their workplace. The biggest challenge I face as a woman GM is in maintenance topics mainly. However, I am very lucky to have great men supporting me in these decisions


-What does a typical workday look like for a GM of the MYSTERY Hotel Budapest?

 My day starts at home with my first coffee and the reports of the previous night from the night reception. This gives me a good overview of things that might need instant action once I arrive. I am very lucky that I live near the hotel, so I can walk to work every day. When I arrive I first check in with the Front Desk, this gives me a first vibe of the team, of the entire hotel. I work in an open office with glass walls around me and an open door policy (sometimes I close it, but mostly it is open). At 10 every morning from Monday to Friday I check in with all my department heads at a standing morning meeting. This is a great way for all of us to know the tasks and challenges of the day, or even to share success stories of the previous one. From here meetings are coming up usually with suppliers, team members, the owners, and so on. I am at the hotel till 17:30 usually and continue to check my emails and the restaurant guest numbers till I go to bed.

Could you tell us more information regarding the history and specific details of the hotel named MYSTERY?

              This eclectic palace was built by the Hungarian Freemasons in the 19th century. As the life of the Freemasons was full of mystery and mystique, so is our hotel; shrouded with legends and secrets. However, the theme was not only inspired by the life and work of Freemasons but also by various mystic-themed books and movies. The grand staircase of the building is lit by old-fashioned candles, and Aladdin’s flying carpet above the front desk. The elevator is covered with large, heavy velvet curtains, which open magically. One of our separate rooms can only be accessed by a secret door opener. Walking under the arches, the blinking candle carries the secrets of the past centuries.


“The hotel is stunningly beautiful, with spacious and comfortable rooms. It also has a charming restaurant on the 4th floor that is tucked away, and the interior is fascinating, almost like a set for a first-class movie. I’m curious, what kind of guests does this type of hotel typically attract?”

Our hotel mainly attracts romantic travelers. Most of them will ask for marriage at our hotel (according to their letters of request) or did propose already and this is a romantic getaway for them. They celebrate birthdays and anniversaries here, so we are a gift to those who come here to stay.

-“The hotel is largely defined by its employees and their ability to provide excellent services around the clock, 24/7. Having a good team is crucial, but leading the entire team of hotel employees can be quite challenging. How important do you think it is to have a strong team supporting you?”

I think I am nothing without the team that is supporting my vision. I believe that nobody is enough alone here in this hotel everybody is important equally. The great thing about our team is that we are young people but also very dedicated to our job. We love to offer great service and we trust each other. My attention to detail is not something that only I think is important but the entire team works this way. I think this is the most beautiful part of working at Mystery Hotel Budapest.


-Tell us about the hotel’s future plans and your vision for next year.

We would like to continue to offer a luxury stay in an independent boutique hotel right at the heart of Budapest. We will continue to design our own entertainment programs in our restaurants, offer relaxing vibes at our Spa, and host great events in our meeting rooms.

Everything you want to know about the MYSTERY HOTEL BUDAPEST , you can visit their official website


1064 Budapest
Podmaniczky u. 45.

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