It’s the best time to reach new places trying great pastry and having fun. We have a top ten suggestions for you this summer.


A completely renovated five stars tea-house placed in five stars hotel Hyatt Regency will offer you an unforgettable classy experience for a day.
Tea-house offers a beautiful pallet of high-quality cakes, collections of coffee, teas, and always fresh homemade pastries plus a range of drinks. This summer tea house added beautiful healthy sorbets ice-creams to their daily menu, from the famous local brand “Moritz Eis” so you can have a piece of royal treatment.
The interior itself looks very luxurious. British style is dominant, with Arabic details  such as wall lamps and golden food carts.
TEA HOUSE , HYATT REGENCY BELGRADE Milentija Popovića 5, Beograd 11070


It’s is a love story run by a loving couple who put all their efforts and love into this small family business. After years of leading small homemade pastry production, Pasteli opened a small pastry shop in a beautiful central area. This experienced confectioner uses high-quality products for their pastry, and we are convinced of that. You can enjoy yourself in a small cozy shop eating a pistachio bomb with your family or friends, or you can ask them to pack for you some of the desserts to please the rest of the family.
PASTELI CAKE SHOP – Zmaja od Nocaja 9  @pasteli_sweets


We have a new hot spot in town this summer. A beautifully designed pastry shop in the new shopping mall by the river is a must for a visit this summer. The space is shiny and bright with attractive details inside, and a large garden outside. The quality materials used for the interior give a space a very luxurious vibe.
They have a lavish menu, and everyone will find a favorite dessert. Lots of fresh fruits, tarts, cakes, and a wide pallet of icecreams. So delicious! In addition to that, you can ask for a coffee or freshly squeezed juices and nonalcoholic cocktails.
LUTAK PASTRY Bulevar Vudroa Vilsona 12     @lutak_belgrade


Bonjour? Comment Ca-va? Ca-va merci!
The new Parisian is in town!
This spring, a real French ” La Boulangerie” opened in a new luxury neighborhood. The owners made a great effort to create a strong identity of the French “Bistrot” with original French recipes. For this reason, they invited a famous French chocolatier to spend some time in Belgrade and educate the chefs and confectioners in “La Boulangerie” how to make original French croissants, baguettes, tarts, homemade bread, and other French delicacies.
La boulangerie uses in their kitchen only French ingredients such as flour, butter, sweet cream to keep their product original and high quality.
The interior is very classy, and every detail gives you a Parisian spirit. You will enjoy a journey through the Paris district through the flavours, tastes and details from ” La Boulangerie”
   LA BOULANGERIE      Kneza Miloša 54      @la_boulangerie_belgrade


Ostrich bird is a mixed concept of Italian confectionery and ice creams and champagnes from south France. They provide a pastry from the famous confectionary “Sal de Riso” placed on Amalfi Coast. A family tradition became a symbol for beautiful desserts in south Italy. Sal de Riso uses high-quality local ingredients such as olive oil, citruses, white figs, homemade cheese, apricots to produce the best deserts. They use a mix of modern and traditional when it’s about the recipes and ingredients.
Menodiciotto ice creams from Italy use only deep freezing (-18) as a preservative. They have a wide range of ice creams for vegans, vegetarians as well as sorbets. Ice creams are fresh and you can find a fruit parts inside. With no artificial colors and preservatives, these ice creams support a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.
Ostrich Bird Vuka Karadžića 12        http://www.theostrichbird.com


A small luxury homemade confectionery La Scintilla is specialized in Italian- Sicilian cannoli and tartlets and has a delightful selection of fruity and creamy desserts. Cannoli can be with chocolate filling, mascarpone cheese, or ricotta garnished with chopped pistachios or hazelnuts. You won’t regret whatever you choose, and you can always come back for more.
This summer, tartlets are made of light vanilla cream and fresh seasoning fruit, including raspberries and blueberries. Every piece of dessert is elegant and classy, colorful with a shiny glaze or fruit on the top.
Once you meet them, you will not be able to stop looking at these mini masterpieces.
Lascintilla – Mutapova 65       @la_scintilla_belgrade



The lifestyle concept of brand Kuglof & Drina is very poetic.
It’s a unique experience for all senses!
First comes the shape, a piece of art, sculpted marble flower with vibrant details, attractive texture, lucid colors.
Then comes the scent, the artist’s secret mixture with high-quality ingredients: Organic cocoa, fresh dates, Irish cream, golden saffron, organic lemon, rich melted chocolate on the top.
For the happy ending of the poem comes red currant and powdered sugar!
That’s why Kuglof & Drina is a complete concept of living.


Brand new cake shop Madelaine is a real discovery this summer. Founded by a woman who completed a course for a pastry chef at one of the famous Parisian cooking schools, and like a hidden gem, she lets her high-quality products speak for herself about her skills and qualifications.
She is very passionate about making desserts, using new ideas and spices to change the old-school way of making sweets.
Her specialty are Madeleines, delicate and delicious little French butter cakes. They are known for their beautiful and distinct scalloped shell shape and need nothing more than a sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar on top. Madeleines are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.
Besides Madeleines, you can order other cakes for a small family reunion or a big event.
PATISSERIE  MADELEINE – Urosa Martinovica 10, lokal 3 savada ,
Novi Beograd      @poslasticarnica_madeleine


A well-known Belgrade confectionery FINI, produces the finest desserts from high-quality ingredients. They started as a small family production, and today they are one of the largest producers of colorful French macarons with more than 20 flavors.  ( Best that we ever tried. )The colors and shapes, and artistic elements are pretty much important to FINI in their aesthetics presentation. The atmosphere of joy is already there, around the pastry.
We admit you have to try everything: crunchy and creamy eclairs, tarts full of juicy seasonal fruits, fresh pastries, and vegan cakes of various flavors, linzers, crempitas with homemade crusts, and macaroni.
They love to say: “Our butter comes from France, vanilla from Madagascar, raspberries from Arilje, chocolate is Belgian, and our “soul” is local”.
Order some macarons from FINI today, to bring a joy and happiness to your life!
FINI MAFINI –Svetozara Miletića, Beograd   https://www.fini.rs


The first Japanese Mochi shop that opened recently in Belgrade. They have a traditional mochi originally named Daifuku. These mochi are made of glutinous rice, usually stuffed with a sweet red bean filling made from “azuki” red bean. Also, you can try other, more commercial fillings such as chocolate, fruits, ice cream, etc. ( INTRO-DUCING favorite is lemon flavour)
Wagokoro meets the highest standard of Japanese dessert-making. Also, the mochis are gluten-free and doesn’t contain gelatin and eggs.
To anyone who likes to try new flavors, and enjoys something unusual, INTRO-DUCING warmly recommend visiting Wagokoro. Simply, you must adore these traditional Japanese desserts.
WAGOKORO  Carigradska 10, donji Dorćol, Belgrade


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