EBISU season is on!

Last week, INTRO-DUCING visited a most profound and elegant rooftop restaurant in town. Ebisu season has just begun!

Ebisu is an authentic Japanese home-cooking style restaurant placed on the rooftop of the five-star hotel Square Nine.
A modern place with two bars and a breathtaking sunset view is just a part of the bliss. Another part is an extravagant menu.
Sushi makes up half of Ebisu’s menu, however, the Chefs pay equal attention to the selection of classic Japanese dishes from salmon aburiya, noodle soup, and spring rolls to soft shell crab and Teppanyaki grilled meat and seafood. Ask for the new things on the menu this season, you will definitely like them.

Square Nine hotel Belgrade is centrally located in the heart of Belgrade’s old town
                                      Studentski trg 9, Beograd
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