A natural face oil might be the most important part of a daily skincare routine.
Intro-Ducing mentioned recently that we strongly support natural products as a way back to the laws of nature.
Natural face oils are blends of fatty, oily plant extracts that may help in many ways to keep your skin healthy and young.
Due to their thick consistency, we should use oils as the last step, after a moisturizer, to prevent dehydration and keep the skin moisturized and replenished.
INTRO-DUCING pick for you four natural-based face oils from Serbia that everyone can order online.

This summer, already established skincare brand skinology launched a collection of 6 high-quality face oils for different skin types and needs. We have favorites in these two.

05 Detox oil is an ideal product for the regeneration of the hydro-lipid barrier damaged by pollutants from the external environment. Contains wheat and corn germ oils, rich in vitamins A, E, D, phytosterol and lecithin, and act as natural antioxidants that prevent premature skin aging and reduce the impact of free radicals. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, B, E, F, K and lecithin, which contribute to skin revitalization. 
01 Anti-age oil for mature skin care contains natural emollient squalane, which effectively hydrates the skin and enhances the effect of vegetable oils of almonds, avocados, wheat and corn germ and grape seeds. Almond oil is especially suitable for application on dry skin because it protects from drying out.

Aromatherapist, a small natural skincare brand who cares for our skin, has an oily serum BLUSH, a mixture of macadamia and hazelnut oils, wheat germ oil, cannabis oil, and citrus oil. The results are magical when we use a couple of drops in the evening.

This rich oily serum is recommended for both types of skin, oily and dry skin as well. It regulates oily skin and treats inflammatory processes on the skin.

Another natural-based skincare brand CHIK uses only high-quality active ingredients from the plants. Raspberry, blackberry, and plum seed oils are the three main ingredients, and it sounds like our skin really needs them.

Their anti-age oily serum has an enormous treatment for mature skin. With daily use, skin gets visible lifting effects.

Sparkle cosmetics, a young skincare brand that also uses natural ingredients in its products, has an extraordinary, luxury facial oil enriched with gold pieces for maximum results. Quality ingredients such as wild rose seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, cold pressed pomegranate oil give the skin the ability to start the proces of self-defence, and a self- healing.

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