Natural skincare and great benefits

Let’s be honest about our skincare routines and admit that we all need more natural products in our home skincare collection.

As we all know, plants have magical powers to heal, repair, rejuvenate, refresh, hydrate, etc. Let the power of nature guide your skin.
This fall, we had the opportunity to meet with natural medical cosmetics NOVA RIZNICA LEPOTE which came from the holistic approach of an experienced pharmacist for the needs of quality facial care.
These handmade cosmetics have been upgraded and perfected using natural, carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality.

As the main ingredients for the NOVA RIZNICA LEPOTE cosmetics, you will find cold-pressed hazelnut, apricot and carrot oil, juniper, cold-pressed plums, and lemon. Also, tea tree and geranium essential oils are the core components of these recipes.

NOVA RIZNICA LEPOTE collection contains face creams for women and a man, face serums, and hydrolate.
Hydrolates are by-products of the essential oil-making process. When botanical plants are steam distilled, they release microscopic vapor droplets which are then collected and made into invigorating sprays.
A spray of hydrolates provides astringent and cleansing effects, thoroughly clearing the skin of any pollutants. They have natural antiseptic and disinfectant properties, which help fight off bacteria. Furthermore, they’re known for their ability to treat skin irritations and inhibit bacteria growth, which speeds up healing. These active waters can help improve the skin’s moisture levels.
It is important to note that certain precautions must be observed when using hydrolates.
Like some essential oils, these aromatic waters may also irritate. Although they are considered generally safe for topical use, we highly recommend doing a patch test before using them.

Face cream for dry skin helps moisturize the skin, with deep detoxification due to the absence of parabens and other artificial ingredients. Skin care for oily skin stimulates fats from the deeper layers of the skin.

Face cream for men is intended for all skin types. Daily use is important for hydration, as well as for deep detoxification and prevention of irritations due to polluted air and after shaving the skin.

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