Tijana Krstic- fashion model & fashion designer (IT GIRL !)

For a fresh start this year, we are happy to share with You an exclusive interview with real IT girl Tijana Krstic. A beautiful model and a fashion designer spoke with INTRO-DUCING about some less important things in her life, but certainly interesting to talk and read about it.

What does a regular day look like to you? Can you survive “urban jungle”?!

Since I travel between beautiful but small and quiet Dubrovnik and fast Belgrade, I am pretty much used to changes in the dynamics of my lifestyle. The balance I get from living in both of these cities suits me. I must say that I am very blessed. Anyway, I follow my schedule, strictly planned, and that keeps me highly productive in any sphere of my life, business and private.

Do you have time for yourself?

I do my best to have some free time just for myself, to share it with my family and friends. I like to work on myself, watch educational stories, do professional care several times a month, and take some extra care at home. I believe in a quote in a healthy body, a healthy spirit. This is the core of our personality.

Can you say that you live a healthy lifestyle?!

Well, let’s see 🙂
It could be much better, but I can say I eat healthy nutrition. I promised myself much better self-care this year. New year new resolutions.

 What helps you when you get stuck in a rut?

-Friends definitely, and some news at work -I love traveling in January and February (some exotic places) so I recharge my batteries for the whole upcoming year.

Are you a shopaholic? What do you buy most often?

I didn’t, but it can easily take me away if there are discounts then I need everything or I will need.

Do you think women have become equal in business?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so, but I am sure that we are very good at the job we choose so that success cannot be lacking if we are brave, persistent, and capable.

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