Modern Designer Jewellery by Milica & Aleksandar Zabunovic

She is running her first jewellery collection, and it deserves a big round of applause

In addition to the fashion brand they have been running as a family business for almost a decade, Milica and Aleksandar wanted to delight their customers with an unusal collection of jewelry with embedded pearls. The best results comes when you love what you do.

How everything started?

We have often thought about jewelry in the past nine years of work but now has come the right moment in which we also had a clear vision of what kind of jewelry we want to create.

The collection complements the brand’s aesthetics and is intended for ladies who want to complete their look with a unique and elegant piece of jewelry. All pieces are complementary to our wardrobe collection and also completely independent and can be combined independently.

Its important to say that every piece of jewelry is handmade by the high ranking professionals.

What materials do you use when making jewelry?

Each piece is made of silver and further enriched with gilding in combination with baroque pearls. The collection has a very clean aesthetic, where we also played with the geometric shapes creating an interesting balance between the tenderness of the pearls and the structure of the cube for example. These, and other elements give a timeless dimension that is highly valued by our clients.

What is the message you want to convey through jewelry?

Freedom, authenticity, love of self, love of fashion, style… are some of the messages, that this collection carries. We wanted to create jewelry that ladies would enjoy every day and not sometimes. Let’s give another alternative to the fast fashion that is all around us and make it a gift for them, and I’m glad we succeeded.

How important is design and how do you find a balance between trends and personal inspiration?

You cannot improvise a personal stamp in the long run, and that is why there are plenty of very popular short-life designer houses because in a sea of ​​trends they don’t end up knowing which ones to follow. When you’ve been in it for almost 10 years, like us, you’re not looking for inspiration, but it comes on its own. The more you are in it, the deeper the inspiration. And there is, of course, love and passion for what you do. We didn’t go into fashion because we don’t know what we’re going to do, we were already in fashion long before we decided to create a brand. That’s why everything we do is a long-term plan.

Can we expect the continuation of the jewelry collection with your signature?

Absolutely, but we will not rush. This collection will always be part of our offer. We will add some models and we will say goodbye to some until the idea for a completely new collection with a different focus and aesthetics comes up.

How different is the process of creating a clothing collection, and jewelry?

Whether it is jewelry or wardrobe, the process of creating the collection is quite similar and starts from the material, be it silk or baroque pearl. From that first step, we let our imagination run wild and fit into the vision we have for each collection. It can be quite challenging but it’s phenomenal.

What awaits us for autumn/winter 2021? First of all, a lot of black and white aesthetics inspired us the most. We will have coats that we haven’t done for a long time, as well as, of course, dresses that are perhaps the most sought after this season since the easing of measures took effect. In addition to the collection that we will present at the beginning of October, the great news is that we are opening our first studio in Makedonska 21, which we are especially looking forward to.

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