Natasa Kekanovic, Artist, awarded by FIDA

Natasa was awarded by FIDA, for the best fashion illustration. Here is what she says about it.

1. What inspire you in your fashion drawings? People, patterns, fashion news, magazines, all together or none of that?!

I am inspired primarily by the current mode that I find myself in. It can include some specific color palette or theme that I’m working on. Sometimes, if I do something specific, such as making an illustration for some brand, then I am inspired by a certain tone, brand language, or people who may be directly related to the brand. Also, I find myself in phases when I like to draw people I admire, like some actors, poets, singers, or public figures. I like to keep it spontaneous and honest.

2. How would you describe the style of your fashion drawings?

I like to think that it is one of a kind as probably every artist likes to think about his/her work. When I see other young artists that create homage illustrations to my work I know that I’m having my own style, and that really makes me happy. My friends and fans like to comment on my works in very different ways; some like playfulness and some like spontaneity. Some think that it’s very trippy, crazy, and acidic, some show admiration that it leads them to other worlds. For me personally, they are expressions of my character. And I genuinely love all my artworks. With some of them, I have developed a stronger bond with some lesser. Also, I like to think that I’m transforming my style with every new illustration – in a way, reinventing myself.


3. Tell us about your latest award, and what does it mean to you?

FIDA is an award, presented in five categories, both for students and professionals. I applied for the Poetic award with two illustrations named “Kelly” and “Mon” and won the award for professionals with “Kelly”. I was very, very happy to get the award as it is the most important award in the industry because it gives many opportunities and potential collaborations. It is always good to get recognition as an artist as it opens doors for new audiences. And every artist lives from their audience. This award is one of the stepping stones in my plan to open my works to global audiences.

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