VILLA GEBA , luxury Mediterranean pearl

A maritime style, small luxury boutique hotel Villa Geba is a hidden pearl in Mediterranean greenery.
As a small hotel, Villa GEBA was designed as a unique, individual treatment for its guests and fine-dining restaurant visitors. This luxury concept is entrusted to a small team of top professionals with a tremendous experience in the luxury hotel industry. They know how to give the guest an unforgettable stay in this little paradise with a combination of top-quality interior, services, food, location, and daily events.
INTRO-DUCING visited villa GEBA and spoke with the team about the luxury concept and what kind of sublime memories people take from this classy place.

Svetlana Dapchevich, General Manager of villa GEBA


1. How would you describe Villa Geba’s concept of luxury?

Hedonism is what we regard as our main philosophy. All of our guest’s senses should be taken care
of. The exquisite interior of Villa Geba is a delight for the eyes, while our fabrics and textiles, some of
the best in the world, as well as our exclusive spa products, are a pure tactile pleasure. High-quality
music is a feast for the ears. You will enjoy the vitalizing scent of fresh flowers coupled with that of
our fragrances, specially created for us by perfume geniuses. You will experience unparalleled
pleasure from discovering the haute cuisine of our Chef and a selection of wines and cocktails at
Muse restaurant.
Nevertheless, human relations still remain the biggest luxury for all people by far. And believe us. Our team of professionals is always ready to give each of our guests a warm and sincere welcome, as well
as to create that “home-from-home” feeling.


2. How difficult is it to live up to the standards of luxury set by the best hotels in the world?

It is tough to be the best, but when ideas, professionalism, and resources come together, you become
unrivaled. It is through dreams, talent, and hard work that the best is created. After that comes hard
daily work. Thanks to the creativity, ambitions, and cohesive work of our professional team, we are
not only able to live up to high standards, but we also remain in constant search of better ideas to
implement. We keep improving ourselves, which allows us to keep pace with all the latest trends in
luxury hospitality.

3. What are the summer plans at Villa GEBA?

Oh, we would really like to add an element of surprise to let our guests feast on some new emotions
and to kindle sparks of vivid emotions in our “Buculic cocoon”. We have already organized several
projects, which were a success. For instance, we organized a small unofficial jazz festival featuring
some of the best local jazz performers. We also collaborated with bartenders from a chic cocktail
“ORY Bar”, is very popular in Munich. We are soon expecting Eyck Zimmer, a marvelous chef and… I
won’t reveal all of our secrets to you, but you can always follow us on social media
(@musesvetistefan, @villagebasvetistefan) to stay tuned for all upcoming events at Villa Geba and
take part in these festivities as our guests.

Dusan Popov, Executive Chef, Villa GEBA

You work in a typical Mediterranean place with a specific local food. How does it inspire you to make a fine-dining menu?

Freedom to create a unique fine-dining concept is the key to success for any chef. What does freedom mean to you?

Outside the tourist season visit households and get to know the traditions and customs and dishes of these regions.

People like things that associate with joy and childhood, and I always try to give them back that feeling through the modern presentation of dishes.


What is the secret of keeping high standards in the kitchen in a luxury place, such as a Villa GEBA?

Apart from the experience of working in luxury hotels and years of working with prominent Chefs,

using local ingredients and from the local population that is typical for the region.

For example – the cheeses we offer are not available for free sale and in markets, a local farm produces them only for our kitchen.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown by the local population, and a part of the vegetables and herbs we have in our garden,

which we maintain ourselves. Also, none of this would be possible without a team of Chefs who one works with every day

and who “force” me to be the best version of myself every day (thank you guys so much!).

Summer plans in the villa?  

Training through a master class by Michelin star chefs who will visit us during the season.

 One name I can reveal to you is Chef Eyck Zimmer, my former Chef, who is coming in August, and we will work together one-night dinner on the set menu.

Regardless of the amount of work to be heard loudly in the kitchen – OUI CHEF!

Nikola Merdovic

Executive Chef, Food & Beverage

1. What is the main challenge of being in the FMB industry today?

As with every creative job, working in the F&B department would not be that interesting if it was not challenging. One of the biggest challenges was definitely how to regain the trust of the guests after the COVID-19 situation, making sure that they feel safe in the first place, and then providing them great service. As you already know, hospitality is one of the most affected because of the pandemic, so many high-quality workers were forced to change their job. And that is why it was demanding to find staff. We are lucky because we succeeded to build a team, both in the restaurant and kitchen, that can represent the Villa Geba concept.

2. What inspires you the most in your job position at villa GEBA

-From the very beginning of Villa Geba, I was familiar with the story that is behind this concept and always strived to be part of it. As you could see by yourself, it is easy to find inspiration here. Every corner and every detail can be used as an idea for something new. The best proof of inspiration is our Signature cocktail list because every cocktail with its ingredients and looks represents one of our Goddess apartments. Also, we find inspiration in delicious creations from our kitchen team that is great in combining local with international kitchens. Last but not least, as inspiration sources, we find our guests whose happiness means the world to us.

3. Tell us about summer plans in Villa Geba.

-Villa Geba is recognized for its divine ambiance, therefore we endeavor to make everyday programs special with different kinds of events. This year we arranged a collaboration with the greatest musicians in Montenegro, from classical to pop-jazz music. Also, we will host some of the most famous Michelin star chefs from the region. They will be creating menus by using local ingredients, and we will be pairing them with regional wines.

More about Villa GEBA
Villa Geba
Vukice Mitrovic
Sveti Stefan 86315
Phone: +382 (0)33 681 590
  • Podgorica Airport: 1 hour
  • Tivat Airport: 40 minutes
  • Dubrovnik Airport: 2 hours
Transfers from/to Podgorica and Tivat airports upon request.
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