Angelina Atlagic, Costume Designer- a genious work of an artist got an exclusive invitation!

 One of the greatest costume designer Angelina Atlagic invited us to document with a camera the breathtaking moments from the lasts preparations for ballet premiere Giselle in Slovenia, Ljubljana.

For the last 6 months, Angelina works with costumes for ballet Giselle in Ljubljana. She is very excited about the soon premiere. The costumes she made, are the real piece of art. With a lot of handworks and hours and hours of hard work, looks like another excellent job is done.


The ballet Giselle premiered at the Paris Opera in 1841, is considered even today as a masterpiece of classical romantic ballet. It was created by French composer Adolphe Adam (1803–1856) who had authored over 50 opera and 12 ballet pieces and choreographed by ballet master Jean Coralli in collaboration with dancer and one of the most important choreographers of the romantic era, Jules Joseph Perro.

Costume designer, Angelina Atlagic, decided to step out of the comfort zone for the second act creating all costumes in grey color instead of white, what is a really nice surprise and a new refreshing vision of creating ballet costumes.


The ballet dresses are made by in a combination of silk and tulle, so they look quiet elusive with their translucent layers. Interesting details on a rose peach and yellow dresses in a shapes of the vines and grapes, represents deep characteristics of the village spirit.
At the other side, the dresses in light gray nuances from the second part are the personifications of the innocence and pureness.
The handmade hair accessory looks so delicate and lovely on ballerinas heads. Made by organza flowers and pearls gives ballerinas an astonishing appearance.

Most of the handmade details are gently made by Srdjan Peric, Angelina’s assistant.


A Romantic Ballet in Two Acts, Giselle, performing by Ballet Ensemble and Orchestra of the SNG Opera in ballet Ljubljana has a premiere on April 11.

Backstage moments from the last preparations, exclusively done by Ballet dancers, all in costumes made by ANGELINA ATLAGIC for ballet GISELLE.

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