LOLA BRAZA, authentic Sushi & Nikkei cuisine at HUMA KOTOR BAY

Lola Braza sushi and nikkei restaurant (Cuisine) in Huma Kotor Bay shows a flawless harmony of food, space, interior, and service. The story goes even further if we say that the place is in the middle of the typical Mediterranean environment. The sea, the bay, the mountains, greenery, sunsets, and perfect tastes can cause a flood of sensations.

The restaurant is placed close to Kotor in the beautiful 5-star hotel HUMA KOTOR BAY in Dobrota. As one of the 2 HUMA restaurants, LOLA BRAZA is on the top of the hotel, close to the main entrance, looking at the perfect sunset from the restaurant’s terrace.

Throughout the summer, there are nice musical performances at the poolside, at least twice a week. The great atmosphere on the terrace will give you a flush of super energy.

The kind staff will help you in every little way, from picking the right cocktail to choosing the best seat for what you like and having unforgettable moments while you are there.

Nikkei is a fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with a rich abundance of Peruvian cuisine and high-quality local ingredients that give the identity to the complete menu.

The menu card is rich in different variety of sushi. Fish and meat are equal parts of the menu, adding to this first-class rice and fresh vegetables.

Japanese moments can also be seen through the table setting with original Japanese chopsticks and plates. The table aesthetic is pure and bright, with gold embroidery on the napkin and a sakura flower on each table. The interior can be described as a modern classic, dominated by warm “golden hour” nuances. The restaurant doesn’t mandate a strict dress code but since it’s a part of a five stars hotel, guests should avoid beach clothes.

Intro-Ducing enjoyed every minute there!

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