TAMARA RADIVOJEVIC, Fashion designer – Autumn Report

She is a well-established fashion designer in this region with countless fashion shows in her career, many successful collections, and an army of happy customers. A vanguardist with unique cuts, she found her place in the fashion world, in which she has been successful for more than a decade.

 The highlight of the actual collection?

A/W collection VOLUME 12 is based upon the idea of precise tailoring. Suits
are the main focus, with both jackets and trousers designed so they
could be interchangeable. There are also very cool shirts and skirts.


What materials did you choose in your collection for this season?

The main inspiration is brutalist architecture, lines, shapes, and forms of
angular concrete structures in correlation with the soft shapes of
contemporary furniture. I usually explore the contrasts between hard and
soft forms and masculine and feminine principles.

What was the main inspiration? What led you through the process of making a collection?

The fabrics are new-tech wools, viscose, and neoprene for the suits,
light wools, and cotton for the shirts and skirts. We pay much attention to the quality
of the fabrics, some of them being high-end designer stuff. The colors are quite
monochrome (black, gray, white) offset by light pink, blue, and caramel.


Can you say that the current collection is a logical continuation of the previous ones if we consider style, materials, cuts…

Each new capsule has a reference to the previous one, although it is very
important to me, to always show something different and original. I often consider
what it is that my customers would need in their wardrobes about what we
offered to them last time.

Tell us a little more about the way of presenting the new collection to the public, like the way of presenting the Tamara Radivojevic brand itself.

Our concept is somewhat different: we release 3-4 capsule collections per
year, which are sold in limited quantities and periods. This allowed us to
present our ideas in a much more concise way. The fact that our customers can
choose several outfits for the season in one shopping spree, makes wardrobe
planning much easier. Further, it gives me more time to develop and create the next
collection making sure we offer always new and original items. My focus is on
producing a series of IT pieces that are special and timeless.


59 STRAHINJICA BANA, 11000, Belgrade

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