SWAROVSKI – New Season report

World-famous fashion jewelry brand SWAROVSKI is well-known for its luxury touch and as the inevitable part of the most luxurious parties in the world. Perfect-cut pieces of crystals in various colors with superior shine and sparkles give the woman a visible attraction and power on the skin.

We have researched for you the most luxurious pieces of the Swarovski collection this season, and it is hard to say that we had an easy job. The Swarovski family does it so well that each piece is so attractive and ready to fall in love. Our first choice fell on a beautiful piece of jewelry for special occasions, a yellow collar with big chunks of crystals. It is also the most expensive piece of jewelry in the store. The collar is really effective, like most of the jewelry here, but you can also find some nice and small jewelry pieces for everyday outfits.

The full picks report is available on the video


Our most favorite piece above jewelry and watches is a perfectly cut figurine dedicated to the world’s smallest bird, the hummingbird. It is a real work of art.



SWAROVSKI hummingbird

By the way, the jewelry house Swarovski is very committed to the strategy of sustainability. Care for people and the planet, quality work, and creativity are the main pillars of the company philosophy.

If you looking for the newest Swarovski collection and more, you can visit SWAROVSKI classy shops in the Shopping malls GALERIJA, BIG & USCE
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