What first do you get in your mind when we say luxury retreat?!

Well, this summer Intro-Ducing discovered a small piece of paradise in the Croatian Riviera. 

Dubrovnik is one of the world’s top destinations, known for the amazing old town and its remarkable glamour. On the other side of Dubrovnik, opposite the old town, there is a Copacabana beach located on the Lapad peninsula.

This beach is a place for everyone who knows to enjoy the beauty of nature well mixed with luxury services. An inconspicuous combination of nature, luxury, and supreme enjoyment await you there.

The most classy part of this not-so-small beach are beds with transparent white baldachins that blend with the blue colors of the sea and the greenery of this environment.

Guests can also choose simple elegant sunbeds with big umbrellas, right at the water’s edge, or one of the huge and comfortable round beds placed closer to the bar. The vivid nature is all around. The wild one gives the precious feeling of the abandoned island, while the urban planted one contributes to the luxury of the beach.

The family who owns the beach and leads the business is very personally attached to this beautiful beach. They invest not only money but all their time and love. Every corner of this well-kept place has its own story, emotional to the family.

A beach is divided into several aesthetic parts, so guests can choose what suits them best at that moment. Even when it’s crowded, guests can find some hidden spots to enjoy an incredibly quiet, and intimate atmosphere.

The family loves to collaborate with professionals in the art, music, and entertainment industries to bring the place a great spirit and improve the quality of the stay on the beach.
The restaurant on the beach is very modern and offers many simple but refined dishes based on top-quality local ingredients. In addition to seasonal food, the exclusive lounge bar also offers exotic seafood and sushi with a rich selection of cocktails, fruit salads, and other refreshments…

Equinox beach club is a part of Copacabana beach and covers an area of ​​600 m², including a beach bar, lounge, dining room, and dance floor. Nightlife on the beach is quite interesting, as DJ performances and various events are almost daily during the summer.


The owners revealed to us the very essence of this magical place, and here are their words:
“Sea, sky, wind, wine, sunset, salt, and love, but also the imaginary characters of the maritime culture, such as sirens and sailors are just some of the hosts that remind visitors of their presence and significance with their poetic and humorous messages carved into slabs” Dejan Kršić

Our beach VISION is to identify a unique holiday experience at Dubrovnik beach with our brand based on the excellence and innovation of tourism.

Beach MISSION is to make our visitors smile, and also to provoke their desire to return to Copacabana beach Dubrovnik even before they leave. Our reputable partners in achieving these ambitious goals are Sea, Sun, Love, Salt, Humor, Food, Poetry, Culture, and Art!

Beach VALUES: We see ourselves as partners TO our visitors, employees, local communities, the natural environment, and the local culture in which we operate. We cherish Dubrovnik’s tradition BY creating elegance through simplicity, engaging the best artists AT ENNOBLING of exceptional natural and cultural landscapes to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere for all our visitors to Copacabana Beach, Dubrovnik.

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