At the Café with NINÉ ( leather bags)

Who is the NINÉ brand addressing?

The NINÉ  brand addresses a woman who does not give up on herself and her dreams. A woman who looks forward to life asks herself what makes her happy and lives according to her values. We love to support her on her journey and remind her to be careful as our handbags are carefully crafted, by the skilled hands of the craftsmen who guard them and worry about their longevity. We want to encourage her not to criticize herself, or sabotage herself, that “she” is worthy of attention just as she is, and that she doesn’t need to improve but to accept herself and to be happy and free.

 What’s new this spring?

The latest model of the handbag is called Athena. This bag is made to celebrate youth. It’s an ode to youth, flourishing, and all its beauties. We have a smaller format handbag with a belt or chain over the shoulder. I’m sure that the Athena bag will be perfect from morning to night because it is suitable for all occasions.

How much does NINÉ help a woman in everyday life?

My lovely customers gave me the best feedback that contributed to the collections of models for day, evening, and business occasions. They encourage me to create new models of handbags to fulfill all their needs during all-day adventures.

When you create a new model of a bag, do you start from personal needs?

The process of designing a handbag is magical and timeless. There is only complete surrender to the game. I always create a bag that I would wear myself, for which I feel an emotional connection and passion.

What is your best-selling model, and why do you think it achieved such success?

The Budislava Mini handbag model is the best seller. This model of a bag is inspired by the character of Budislava from the series “Forgotten” which I refused to play out of fear and lack of self-confidence in second-grade elementary schools. The model represents a combination of old and modern aesthetics and belongs to the classic bag. Most probably, the magic formula of its demand is that the model is very functional, simple, and elegant.

What do you find the most important when it’s about creating a new bag model?

The construction of the handbag is the most important, as is the knowledge of the materials from which the handbag is made. We need to know what kind of processed leather should be the most appropriate to realize the imaginary purse.


NINÉ  plans for this year?

This January, we presented NINÉ  at the International Fair of Footwear and Accessories – Riva del Garda in Italy. We are pleased with the response and look forward to going back again in June. A new handbag model called Sakura is waiting for you soon. The model is inspired by the magical blooms of the Japanese Sakura cherry tree. Everything wakes up, everything passes, and that’s all the beauty of life.

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