This year, we have promised you a year of unforgettable adventures, bringing you impressive destinations, exceptional services, and brands and the most interesting people with a great style and attitude.
Very first interview this year we did with Tamara Jarić, a young fashion designer with an international career.
The 36-year-old designer manages to balance her life between the different Cities and the cultures that give her a lot of inspiration for her work.

What’s the essence of your personal style?

The style as itself represents a very important part of my personality and everyday life. My clothes speak for me and help me to feel comfortable, beautiful, and unique.
The past 17 years have changed my life completely. Studying in Italy and working in NY was influenced me as a person and a designer.
It changed my habits, social circles,
and views…
At this stage of my life, my holistic success is being happy and fulfilled, contribute to society, and be lucky to do
what I am passionate about.
As I grew up, my personal style became a real statement to me.  What I wear is what I am from inside.
Although, I am still motivated when I am trying to pick up something new, to incorporate into my wardrobe.
My favorite pieces: A good pair of jeans and a white collar shirt. My fascination for
denim jeans are because of their ability to be
reincarnated in a variety of styles.

Somehow, I always come back to leather pants…it never really went away from my style. Instead, it can be reincarnated in various shades and sizes.

Your favorite brands?

I love to wear the designer’s clothes mixed with fast- fashion. Also, I love to wear my own pieces that I make for my clients. With a good pair of shoes and a nice accessorize, my outfit is ready. My little ( big) obsession is glasses. Favorite brands are Alain Mikli, Ray-Ban, Cutler & Gross, and Italia Independent.

Your definition of a style?

Style tells a story about you. If you know how to
read, even perfume can talk a lot.

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