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In the following rows from our series intro-people, we introduce you to Apapathara, Asia-European young, classy woman. She is an exclusive content provider for high-class brands over Asia and MENA markets.
She talks about style and stylish habits, as well, classy life in Asia & Dubai.

My closet’s story

I am generally quite relaxed in what I wear. My favorite outfits are all black or all white. I match a black outfit with a golden touch like a piece of jewelry or accessories.

A colorful outfits are usually a part of my casual daily routine. There’s a tiny portion of my closet, dedicated to color, light shades of pink, skin tones, or dark red. Everything else is white…or simply black.

I like easy but good looking matching with some stylish details, for example, basic tank top and velvet blazer, or CHANEL costumes with high heels for meeting days.

I go shopping a lot, as a real fashion shopper, I don’t follow the actual trends that much. It is only for my guideline to survey something new. I more emphasize on my character. My style is minimal, contemporary, and, classic. I have some basic designed shirts and comfortable pants for casual days. By the way, I love to buy couture dresses since I have many events to attend. I choose them based on their design, I am not fan of any brand or designer specifically. I like to collect couture dresses as my passion as well. I felt in love with their unique and delicate details.

The special role of the jewelry

I can say, I and jewelry are close friends since I am influenced by my grandmother. She is a jewelry collector and has a lot of knowledge in jewelry. So, I learned to make a statement through my jewelry. Wearing the piece of jewelry, I have a special power to express myself and enhancing my style to be more outstanding. It is more about personal preference, I like the serpent, I feel confident when I wear it, so I usually buy serpent rings and necklaces. Furthermore, jewelry can be a great long term investment as well.

Tea at 3

I’m always looking for the new things in my ( social) life. I like to cook and bake something new and, especially enjoy to find a new restaurant. It’s not only about the food for eat, but, It’s also considering a food as an art… something like environment, decoration, experience, story, and taste, all together!

For cars, I like the sedan style because it is everyday used like Maserati Ghibli. I am crazy about design, touching, and performance.

…Few more things !

I love to collect silk products. I love the touch of them. I usually buy them in pajamas, shirts, and dresses. Another preference is a cigar. I like to smoke cigars and i am great collector of vintage cigars as my passion. One of my favorites are GURKHA HIS MAJESTY’S RESERVE

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