Nataša Kekanović, artist

She’s a talented, young and ambitious artist, who is gracious in her work same as in her attitude. She was an official fashion illustrator for Milano Fashion Week, where she worked with industry leaders such as Nick Knight and SHOW studio. Her work has been published by Laurence King Publishing house in a book for fashion design.
She’s now expanding her artist horizons by doing hand-painted animation for the upcoming movie, The Peasants.
Read below to find out how she developed her style and how it has influenced her work.

-When did you realize for the first time that the clothes you wear are actually part of your personality?

I first realized that clothes are part of my personality during my days in design school. There I had the opportunity to witness the process of creating individual styles of people around me, thus I created my own.

-Who influenced you the most, when it’s about a style?

No particular person influenced the way I dress. Of course, there are a lot of good fashion house creators but I would be dishonest if I were to point out one as a central inspiration. My style was more influenced by my environment and by my own creative curiosity. I get inspired by music, film, different cultures, and from observing people. I like something from everybody that inspires me.

-What determines the most what clothes you will buy?

First and foremost, my budget, haha. Jokes aside, it’s always a combination of price, quality, and design but sometimes design beats the other two and that’s usually the case with shoes. When I’m shopping, I try on many different pieces of clothing. I usually buy the pieces that intrigue me the most.


-What’s the favorite piece in your wardrobe?

I can’t decide on one in particular but if I had to choose it would be my vintage Gucci glasses, a metallic pink leather coat and Manolo shoes.


-Tell us your own definition of a style?

Style is the energy with which we choose what to wear and the energy with which something is worn.

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  1. Čestitam od srca za tako mladu i tako uspešnu i talentovanu umetnicu iz porodice Kekanović. Svi smo ponosni na tebe i živi a siguran sam da je bio i deda Ljuban, koga više nema…

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