Maja Uzelac, film and video director

She is an inseparable part of the Belgrade intellectual- urban scene. Being present in public for a very long time, and known for her unique beauty, as well as for her creative expressions, Maja Uzelac, film director, is warm welcomed to a circle of INTRO PEOPLE.

In the following lines, she baked for us an exclusive story about her style. Stay tuned!

When was your first thought about the style as a part of your personality?

On the first day of the first grade of elementary school, I wore a white set with black dots – a full circle skirt, and a short sleeveless top – sewn according to my design by a seamstress. However, I remember that I pieced together a couple of items out of one pair of mom’s old pants when i was no older then five or six. In high school, I already walked from hippie dresses with a hundred low necklaces to three-piece men’s suits and slicked hair in a low ponytail. I cannot remember a time when style didn’t matter to me.

Who influenced you the most when it’s about a style?

At my early age, I discovered expressionism in painting and I think that’s where it all started off – color blocking, complementary colors, strange textures … continued bumping into Anais Nin and Tamara de Lempicka, so I fell completely in love with the twenties and thirties of the last century …
By the way, all my life I routinely move between my mom in a sweatshirt and jeans and grandma with fur coats and boots over the knee (with orange lipstick on, how else ). And this blend of opposites has slowly become my signature in everything I do, not just in what I have on me.

What is the base of your style today?

A combination of funny and serious, expensive and cheap, elegant and street. Clash of different designs. And a month or two ago, I pierced my ears for the first time in my life, and now earrings make me so happy. This is now the easiest starting point for all my daily outfits.

What’s the favorite piece in your wardrobe?

Dresses, suits, jackets …from my godmother Anna Ljubinković, fashion designer. Bulova, a golden watch from the eighties, inherited from my grandpa. For the longest time it was a translucent long dress by Joseph Magnin, the designer who worked with Marilyn Monroe – that one was bought by my ount from Vegas while she was married to a millionaire.

Tell us your definition of style?

The way you think about life and leave your mark on it. The more you let it break out and through the clothes you choose to wear, the stronger it becomes really.
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