HILTON Hotel Belgrade- spring menu

Healthy, green gazpacho soup, fresh fish, tasty strawberries, and colorful macarons at the top of everything. That’s one of Hiltons restaurant’s ( TWO KINGS) spring menu, that INTRO-DUCING enjoyed recently.

With head chef Nikola Jekic, we spent some time in the kitchen while preparing food and talking about the importance of fresh nutrients and a healthy lifestyle. More fresh ingredients are available this season, so why not use them in the kitchen and make colorful, tasty, and healthy lunches.

Fish is an important part of every menu. We choose tuna steak, medium-rare, with soybeans, quinoa seeds, and arugula salad with mango sauce. Looks great together.

Before the main dish, we discuss soup, green gazpacho with olive oil, and Mediterranean herbs. Perfectly balanced ingredients.
What else to ask from the chef on an easy and sunny spring day.

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