Ashok Murty – Fashion professional

One of the most dedicated and famous people from the world of fashion in the region, Ashok Murty, gave us answers to everything that interested us about fashion from his point of view. In a very classy interior of the Hilton hotel, we organized an exclusive shoot with Ashok for the intro-people section.

– How and when in your life did you decide to become a fashion professional?

When circumstances generated by what is happening around me at the moment (civil war, lack of incomes, feeling of hopelessness, and a general sense of powerlessness) led me to accept the post of stylist I was offered at the TV channel in making. When I did start working in this field I did my best to make this profession a respectable one as much as it was in my power. I never stop trying to improve my skills as well in every possible way. I was gathering every bit of information I could, every book, I try to get a hold on every magazine which had to do anything with the matter at hand, do not forget that it was the time of early day of internet and country was under sanctions of the international community. Through my work, I was recognized by the fashion industry so I started as an already well-established name which made things rather easier for me. In conclusion, I may say that in the end, fashion chose me as a professional rather than another way round.   


– When did you realize for the first time that the clothes you wear are actually part of your personality?

This is an easy one: from the earliest days of my life, I was very conscious of what I like and what I dislike regarding clothes. My parents gave in quite easily, so I was given the opportunity to pick my own outfits from the beginning. I think that it amused them a lot that I have such a strong opinion about this subject. It seems that my self-awareness was always defined with clothes I was having on me in an equal part of what was happening inside me. Others have other ways to shield themselves, to self-protect them, or challenge the way they are perceived, for me it was always through the medium of clothes.    

– Who influenced you the most, when it’s about a style?

My mother, my grandfather, and my first-grade teacher. Each of them taught me how, in different ways, you can achieve to be respected and at the same time stay true to yourself. It seems easy but it is not actually.


– Did your perception of a style changed a lot through the decades in the fashion industry?

I hope that it did not. Style certainly evolves and reflects all the changes that are happening within a person, but I will always put style above trends and industry dictates. You can buy clothes but you can never buy style.


– Tell us the difference between implementing style as part of your job and as a private expression of personality.

Styling in fashion (or fashion editing as it is referred to nowadays) is part of promoting the product. You can be creative as you like, a person can create such subtle references to the theme chosen as the pretext it is working on, can be very skillful and artistic, but, the bottom line is that you are promoting (or pointing out) certain products of clothes or accessories. The human being which you use in this process (model) is just part of the entire picture, but the job of this human is to make these products as appealing or intriguing as possible. When we are talking about personal styling (or imaging as called by some) focus is entirely on the human. Clothes, details, and everything we use in this process is only there to enhance the personality of this human. You can copy something directly from a fashion shoot and not risk the danger of looking pretentious, absurd, or fake. People with style can be very fashionable but they can also be very far from fashion and look as put together and convincing as it can be achievable. The style of the person should always look like an extension of their personality and not the costume they are putting on.

– What’s your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

I do not want to insult other pieces in my wardrobe by singling just one of them. I admit that my wardrobe is pretty crowded and I do hope that every single piece in my wardrobe has to have a good relationship with others, if they do not go well with others I make sure that they find some better place to live. 


– Tell us your own definition of a style?

Your clothes must bring fun into your life, anything you put on yourself must have some meaning to you, but in the end, if things you are wearing get noticed before yourself, you are doing something seriously wrong. 

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