When it’s about the latest project from the KDA architecture studio in ownership of Ksenija Djordjevic, we have more than a piece of great news.
Namely, the Apartment by KDA is finally open, and Ksenija explained everything down to the last detail in our current interview.

Tell us more about the new shoppable apartment concept – The Apartment by KDA


The Apartment by KDA is the first shoppable apartment in the region. Our clients can

Schedule an appointment by calling +381692305997, sending an email to, or DM to @apartmentkda Instagram. The idea is that our

clients can visit the space, and while drinking a glass of Champagne, get inspired, buy

an individual piece of furniture or get an entire package of the interior design projects,

construction and furnishing of the space.

One can get literally everything in this space, from a custom built-in kitchen, bathroom,

super cool sofa, beautiful handmade rug, completely natural horse hair bed, amazing

lights, bed linen, chairs, poufs, candles, perfumes, dresses, shoes, bags, Murano vases,

plants, to carefully curated artwork, you name it. Everything you need for your home,

office space or a hotel, you can find in The Apartment by KDA.



What kind of information and service client may expect from The shoppable Apartment?


The Apartment by KDA is not a furniture shop or a showroom, I like to think of it as

a social club that gathers people with the same dreams, ideas, values, and esthetics.

It promotes a very specific and sophisticated lifestyle. Therefore we gathered the

finest producers of interior design elements worldwide in our space. As I mentioned

one can come to the space and just get inspired, also buy a few pieces of furniture, get

interior design advice in a form of a mood board, or get an entire interior design

the project, also construction and furnishing package. We are doing wedding registries

and individual presents for various occasions. Our team is also advising our clients on

items they should have in their wardrobe with help of the stylist.

One special niche of The Apartment by KDA is devoted to real estate developers. It is

called KDA staging. We can stage an individual mock-up apartment in your building

in less than two weeks, and help you not only sell it but reach the maximum price per

square meter.

What kind of aesthetic people can find in The Apartment?


Our clients are familiar with KDA projects and visual identity and that is what we are

promoting in The Apartment by KDA. Our style could be defined as Tender

Minimalism. There is a minimalistic envelope created with high-quality materials, and

then we add details that are timeless and have a strong visual impact. That is how we

are creating our distinctive design vocabulary.

We gathered the best worldwide brands such as Florim, Gessi, Miele, Gaggenau,

B&B Italia, Artemide, Vibia, Foscarini, Molteni, Dada, also amazing regional brands

like Gir and Metropoliten to extremely talented local craftsmen and artists, all in

one place. It is a win-win situation for all. First for our clients, because

they can experience distinctive KDA design, not through the project or exceptional 3D

model, but through an actual mock-up apartment. They can see, touch, smell, and feel all the

elements of our interior design and get a complete picture of what they want in

their space. It is a huge help for to sales and design team because it saves our

time and energy. We have all the elements gathered in harmony in one place.

In the end, there is a huge benefit for our partners, because through The Apartment by

KDA get to promote and present their products our stellar list of projects and

clients. It works for all.



The plans


Since we proved that The Apartment by KDA concept works on prime

location of Andricev Venac 2 in Belgrade, we are opening one more shoppable

apartment in West 65 Mall by the end of July 2022. However, almost seventy percent

of Studio KDA projects are abroad, therefore we will open the third Apartment by

KDA in Ljubljana beginning of 2023, and the fourth one in Montenegro in May 2023.

Recently we received the prestigious German Design Award for our Green Heart interior

design and this year we are nominated in the category Excellent Architecture for our

West 65 Tower interior design. That is a great honor and the evidence that that

the market appreciates our design. It was also a motive to open a branch of our

KDA studio in Vienna in spring 2023.

In a meantime, we are looking forward to hosting amazing dinner parties for our

clients by inviting Michelin star chefs (who are also our dear clients) to cook in our

space on Andricev Venac, organize extraordinary performance art evenings and

interior design workshops. So stay tuned.

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