MM COUTURE -Fashion report about the new season

When is the right time for the woolen hats?!
Well, its a finally the right season for that, and we met at a coffee with Marija, a well-established hat designer of MM couture brand, to share some news about hat trends this season.

– If we talk about winter hats, wool and rabbit hair are the most often used materials. Apart from the classic colors, such as black, gray, and all nuances of beige, plaid patterns have been “must-have pieces” in recent seasons.

– Every year we try to introduce some new models, refresh the classic ones or introduce new designs and colors. For a couple of years now, the bucket hat model, which is widely accepted, has been very popular.

– Our models such as Simon, Rio, Reny, and Gody, are very popular next to the classic Indy and Girardi.

– Hats have made a big comeback in recent seasons!

They are easy to combine as an ideal accessory for any style combination. The choice of materials and patterns is really large.

-We are open to new ideas, so we try to meet clients anytime when they have some special requests and wishes. If you want your hat to last for years and look just like when you bought it, we advise you to keep it in the original box, turned upside down with the calotte at the bottom so that the rim does not deform.

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