Marija Minic, hats and accessory designer

We met Marija at the brand new Frenchy Bistrot ( MALI PIJAC )  near the river, around the center of Belgrade. The aesthetics of Bistrot totally fit with her feminine style and her hats.  

Marija revealed to us who were the greatest influences on her style, and where she finds a constant source of inspiration.

We had absolutely great fun, playing with her style and energy behind the camera!

When did you realize for the first time that the clothes you wear are actually part of your personality?

I consider that some things occur with certain ages. At least I found that in my case. When we are young it’s inevitable to go through many style changes until we find a basis. From that point, we can play with fashion trends but still, our style will be a reflection of ourselves. Confidence and self- awareness are the best fashion accessory.


Who influenced you the most, when it’s about a style?

It looks like an easy question but for me, it’s a tough one. I was always, in some way, into fashion. I still have that first Vogue, when I was 9. It’s not about only one name I can highlight. From the fashion directors, editors and designers up to the unknown girls or well-known one, all of them inspire me in some way. Sometimes just the look at my wardrobe gives me all new creative perspective.


What inspired you the most, when you create a new hat and accessory collection?

I launched the brand “MM Couture “ because I couldn’t find the proper hat for myself. Let’s say there was always something missing on a hat, to make me totally satisfied. Till this day my only guide in making hats is what would I like to wear privately. I look for an Inspiration in every segment of my life. Searching for creativity even in a simple served lunch, with all those mixed textures and colors can be very inspirational. There are so many things that can stimulate an artist in his work.


Do you suggest a hat as an everyday style? What else a woman with a hat must possess?

Absolutely yes! The hat will elevate every look for sure. Jeans and the simple white T-shirt will look so chic with an appropriate hat. You just have to find what suits you best and above all, you have to feel confident with it. When you wear it with doubt everyone will see it, so put your smile and keep your head high.


What’s the favorite piece in your wardrobe?

Hats obviously. Besides them, bags and shoes are my week spot.


Tell us your own definition of a style?

When you know how to wear fashion and not let fashion wears you. Confidence is the essence!

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