INES ATELIER -Fashion Story/Video Edition

INTRO-DUCING team stole some time from Ines Jankovic, the owner of the INES atelier (one of the most successful and the classiest fashion ATELIERS in the region) and we talked with her about the most profitable and exclusive part of the fashion business ( in their case) – Wedding Dresses, which are also their relished part of the collection.

Then we touched on some essentials related to the plans of the house. We also talked about optional-obligatory topics, such as shopping, food, favorite pieces in the closet, and the book that ended up last on the shelf.

Ines showed us her latest collection, explaining that the house changed its view when it was about the launching of the collection, and now they make fashion pieces that are not related to a specific season, something like the all-seasons fashion pieces. As the highlight of her work, Ines lists wedding dress collections that are specific because they break out of the template of classic models and appeal to women who want a somewhat different wedding dress aesthetic.

Hereinafter, She mentioned the plans for the big fashion show regarding a decade of the INES ATELIER existence.

-“Actually, we are planning a fantastic show for our committed clients and dear guests, but I cannot reveal the details yet,” Ines said.

When it’s about her private life and daily routines, Ines balances very well between the role of motherhood and daily duties.
– “I manage to take time for myself, which includes morning yoga while my son is still sleeping, the gym a couple of times a week, socializing, traveling, and small daily routines.”
– “My favorite home care is the Augustinus Bader cosmetics, which I have been using for some time. Also, their eyelash-strengthening gel pleasantly surprised me.”
-My favorite perfume of all time is ” Portrait of a Lady” by Frederic Malle.

Ines likes to cook, and she brought us her favorite cookbook of vegetarian specialties as a must-have cooking guide. She likes small, relaxed restaurants where she can eat well, and she named  ESLAVA small restaurant in Seville as one of the favorites, and has the very nice impressions from there.

Her last shopping was a notebook from the latest traveling, and for this winter’s fashion pieces, she picked some from the Ives Saint Laurent brand.

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